• JBL Headphones
  • Portable Chargers
  • Logitech Wireless mouse
  • SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0 64GB Flash
  • XBOX Controller
  • Arduino Kits


Judging Criteria and Winner Selection

  • Best Beginner
    Does the team contain more than 50% of members as novice hackers? Given the background and experience of the hackers, did they create a project with functionality and some sort of complexity?
  • Best Green Hack
    Does the project have a sustainability/environmental focus? How big is the social impact of this project?
  • Best Hardware
    Complexity of the circuit/hardware? Difficulty of the hardware platform? (ie. VR vs. Arduino)
  • Best Startup
    What is the business potential of this product?
  • Best UI/UX Design Hack
    What ideas were used to incorporate this hack? What tools were used? 

Best Overall

How impactful is the hack? How many people will it help? Who will it help?